WATCH: 6 Moments that Showed ‘Kadenang Ginto’s’ Cassie Has a Golden Heart

The internet found a gold mine of memes in ABS-CBN’s top-rating teleserye “Kadenang Ginto.” People just can’t help but take to social media their uncontainable “gigil” over the series’ campy catfights every afternoon. The confrontation scenes are also pure gems, each filled with feisty yet borderline comical clapbacks that are worth posting and retweeting.

But one of the main standouts in the series is Francine Diaz, who is more known for her breakout role as Cassie Mondragon. People love a bida who fights back against the “maldita” kontrabida. She is demure, timid, and polite, but when the opportunity calls for it, she knows how to make her enemies back up. In fact, she has done it many times on her rival Marga (Andrea Brillantes). She is also a good role model to kids her age.

Despite facing major turmoil – from the death of her father to the imprisonment of her mother – she remained steadfast and never resorted to doing wrong to get even with her enemies. With her kindness and selflessness, we can say that Cassie truly has a golden heart, and here are clips to prove it:

Cassie “cancels” Marga’s manipulative friends

If you have a rival, of course you’d enjoy seeing her suffer, but not Cassie. She never saw Marga as a competition. That’s why when Marga’s friends almost discovered that she is already poor, Cassie instantly showed up to give Marga money to prove that the latter still had the luxuries of a Mondragon. Cassie did not demand anything in return and said a simple ‘thank you’ would be enough. We love our generous Cassie! And to Marga’s friends: Ya’ll cancelled!

Cassie shows “receipt” to save Marga

Marga was suspected of cheating on an exam after her teacher saw a test paper inside her bag. The faculty was not convinced with her explanations and still pushed for her suspension, until Cassie turned up with a video of Marga’s friends admitting that they set her up. Cassie still found it in her heart to help Marga despite their rift. She deserves a salute! It also pays to keep your “receipt” because you will never know when it might come in handy.

Cassie welcomes Marga into her family

Since the beginning, Cassie has never had an issue with Marga and always showed her interest in being friends with her niece. In one of the first few episodes of the series, Cassie instantly touched the hearts of viewers after she invited Marga over dinner with her mom and dad. They talked, hung out, and shopped together like true friends. They got to know each other and realized that they were more alike than different.

Cassie turns into a superhero for Marga

Marga always shuns Cassie, and sometimes, the latter just steps aside to avoid further conflict. But for Cassie, it’s a different story if a life is at risk. When Marga was about to get hit a by a jeepney, Cassie deliberately pushed her niece away from danger and risked her own life to save her. Cassie has a pure heart, and not to mention, a heroic one too.

Cassie proves we should trust our instincts

When Marga went to a club without her parents’ permission, Cassie felt the need to stop her. As they entered the club, Cassie relentlessly tried to get Marga out of the club, but her niece did not cooperate. Moments later, a brawl ensued. While Marga tried to stop the fight, she was accidentally hit by a man and got knocked down to the floor. Good thing: Cassie came to the rescue and immediately asked for help from her mother to pick Marga up.  This is why we should always trust our instincts, just like Cassie!

Cassie and Marga mourn Robert’s death

Cassie and Marga have their differences, but one thing they have in common is their love for the Mondragon patriarch Robert (Albert Martinez), and his sudden death gave the two a brief moment of peace. As they saw each other crying in the school hallway, they both extended their arms and hugged each other. They found a relief in each other’s company and temporarily set aside their issues. It was a moment that touched many viewers, and we wish it could happen again soon!

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