Hanie Jarrar Gets Evicted in ‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’

The Athletic Cutie from Isabela, Hanie Jarrar, is the latest evictee in the 7th eviction night of the “Pinoy Big Brother Otso” last Sunday (March 17).

From the five nominees, the 19-year old got the lowest percentage of votes with 5.09%.

With Hanie being eliminated from the house, Lou (37.07%), Andre (25.64%), Shawntel (17.54%), and Thea (14.65%) are all safe and still have the chance to prove themselves at least for a week.

Like the four housemates, luck was also on the side of Earl Kim Franco and Camille Sandel, who are now official housemates after Team Bahay’s win in Kuya’s second big battle. Kim and Camille led the team that wowed celebrity judges Jona, Wacky Kiray, and TNT Boys – Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion last Saturday (March 16).

But Kuya’s surprises for the last two weeks of the adult housemates does not end here with Hanie’s eviction as it was announced that the big jump to the big four will happen this week.

One of the eight hopefuls, including Fumiya Sankai, who will celebrate his birthday this week, and Yamyam Gucong will have the chance to earn the golden medallion and be in the big four this week.

Who among them will rise above all the big jump challenges set by Kuya? What will be the roles of the house challengers in the big jump challenges?

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1 Comment on Hanie Jarrar Gets Evicted in ‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’

  1. Hindi payas ang laban sa text voting for PBB evictions.
    Llamado sa textvotes mga housemates sa primetym kesa sa mga nasa gold dahil mas maraming nanonood sa gabi kesa sa hapon.
    Obviously, nakabuo na ng mga fan base ang mga nasa primetym dahil mas matagal na silang napapanood.

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