4 Celebrities Who Were Nurses Before Becoming Famous

Celebrities were all normal people, for the most part, before they became famous. Sure, some famous celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, were born into wealth and had a non-traditional lifestyle.

But other celebrities had to make a living before they became famous. Many of these celebrities worked in restaurants, cleaned homes and some were even nurses.

Imagine waking up in the hospital room staring at your favorite country music star? It would be pretty exciting, and it’s a story many people are able to tell thanks to the first person to make our list.

1. Country Music Star Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt (yes, the country music star that is best known for his album My Heart Has a History) was a nurse before he became famous. Following in the footsteps of his father, Brandt took his father’s passion for being a paramedic further when he put on his men’s scrubs and worked as a pediatric nurse.

Brandt worked at Alberta’s Children’s Hospital for two years before signing with Warner Records.

While he has had trouble recreating the success of his first album, Brandt was recently inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

2. Country Music Star Naomi Judd

Naomi Judd was also a nurse, and she is one persistent woman that had children at the age of 22 and eventually ended her marriage. Persistent and willing to make a good life for her children, she began studying at the College of Marin.

She worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit, and it was here that she was able to gain the courage to audition.

You see, one of her patients persuaded Judd to audition for RCA. Judd decided to audition with her daughter, forming The Judds. She went on to sell over 20 million albums and has won numerous awards during her career.

3. Actress Julie Walters

Actress Julie Walters is a mega star, and you may have seen her in Mary Poppins Returns or as Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. Walters is now an actress and writer, and she had struggled in her academics at a young age.

While having difficulty in school, her mother suggested that Walters pursue nursing.

She trained at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and worked at the hospital for 18 months. During her time, she worked as a nurse in several of the hospital’s wards – casualty, coronary and ophthalmic – before pursuing acting at Manchester Polytechnic.

4. Actress Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt broke into her movie career in a huge way, signing on to play a minor role in Rain Man. But before she got to play alongside Tom Cruise, she was an oncology nurse. She, like others before her, was encouraged to pursue acting by her patients.
She was so afraid to pursue acting at first that many of her patients have to convince her that it’s better to fail now than regret it the rest of her life.

She has now become a major success. She’s a writer, actress and talk show host.

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