4 Things You Need to Know Before You Learn Violin Online

Has playing the violin always been a dream of yours? Whatever your age, there are plenty of good reasons to learn how to play a musical instrument. Music can give you a creative outlet, a way to relax or deal with anxiety by focusing on an attention-demanding task, and the satisfaction of learning a new skill.

One of the biggest myths about the violin is that you need to learn to play as a child. It’s a common misconception and one that’s no doubt turned many aspiring violinists away. The opportunity to learn to play the violin as a child just isn’t available to many people who would love to learn. Violins can be expensive, and parents can’t always afford lessons. As an adult, you can finally take the opportunity you never got growing up.

If you’re an adult who now wants to learn to play the violin, don’t believe the myth. You may even be able to learn faster than children. That’s because adults can learn how to read music more easily, they’re already physically strong enough to hold the violin (one of the things children struggle with the most), and they’re more motivated to learn. Adults take violin lessons because they want to learn, not just because their parents signed them up.

There are a few things you should know about playing the violin before you take up the strings:

1) Your Violin Needs Maintenance

Like any instrument, a violin will need care and maintenance. Check out these violin care tips to find out what you need to do to keep your violin sounding great. These include buying a quality case, cleaning the rosin off the strings after every use, and never using alcohol or solvents to clean your violin.

2) You May Always Hear Scratches and Creaks

Violinists hold the instrument right up to their left ears. They can hear everything down to the last scratch and squeak. Don’t despair — violinists are known for playing “to the last seat in the auditorium.” The distance will soften all those extra sounds that you can hear so clearly. The E-string squeak is a notorious source of annoyance for even the best violinists.

3) You Can Learn Violin Online

As an adult, one of the best ways to learn violin online may be using musicU.Live, a platform that can connect you with violin teachers around the world. Their violin teachers are professional musicians who conduct one-on-one music lessons via live video online. Given how technique-focused learning the violin can be, you need live feedback from an instructor to make the most of your lessons.

To connect with world-class music teachers, check out musicU.Live and sign up to learn violin online.

4) You Can Learn No Matter Old You Are

There are going to be people all around the world who will always play better than you – some of them may even be children. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn at any age. Whether it’s your dream to become a professional violinist or just pick up a hobby, it’s never too late to learn.

Let more music into your life by learning how to play the violin online. It can seem like a daunting instrument, but you have nothing to be afraid of.

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