PBB Otso: Yamyam Challenges Mark for a Slot in Kuya’s House

Yamyam is the first housemate to brave the latest weekly task of his batch by challenging Mark for a chance to stay in Kuya’s house last Monday (February 25) on “PBB Otso.”

The housemates were shocked silent with their new weekly task as it involved directly challenging each other to compete for four slots that will allow them to stay in the PBB house, which, unbeknownst to the housemates, has been extended to 88 days.

They had a hard time with the new challenge because of its impact on their relationships as friends. Andre said, “there are a lot of factors to think about.” A sentiment echoed by Fumiya, who said “the feeling is very complicated po.”

Meanwhile, Mary Grace, was able to fully explain the reason for the difficulty of the challenge. “Tanggaping talaga namin na yun ang challenge, Kuya. Lahat kami may pangarap na pumasok dito. Kailangan talaga unahin namin ang pangarap namin. I-set aside muna namin ang pagkakaibigan namin.”

First to enter the confession room was Mark, but was not able to decide if he will be the first to participate in the challenge. Kuya advised him to give it a hard thought first before making a choice.

After having some time to think about it, Yamyam decided to accept the task and chose to challenge Mark, who he had just patched things up with after a disagreement from a few days ago.

Yamyam chose Mark because he thought they would have a fair competition. He explained, “ginusto ko po na fair yung laban po, para masubukan yung limitasyon ko sa pagiging competitive.”

Who between Yamyam and Mark will stay inside Kuya’s house, and who will have to face an automatic eviction? When will the other housemates accept their new weekly task? What other challenges will the remaining housemates face in their extended stay inside Kuya’s house?

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