The Benefits of Ganoderma

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According to doctors, liver cancer is developed through chronic hepatitis until it becomes cirrhosis which then leads to liver cancer. However, the problem is that—hepatitis remains incurable and the only option to avoid this is to prevent it through Silymarin that provides protection for the liver. However, studies made in 2000 that it could be more effective once Silymarin is combined with other components such as Sodium Ascorbate and most especially, Ganoderma.

Several researches and studies have been made for Ganoderma over the years and in a study published 2006, aside from efficacy for liver protection; it provides numerous health benefits as well:

• Has the ability to fight inflammation
• May help ease fatigue
• Helps fight infections
• May provide aid in digestive problems
• Helps fight heart disease, hypertension and high blood pressure
• Lowers risk of Diabetes

Now, you may be able to enjoy these health benefits most especially Liver protection with a supplement that can offer it all.
Sodium Ascorbate, Silymarin, Ganoderma, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Amino Acid Complex are now the strongest composition for a healthier Liver and a stronger immune system. These ingredients can also help regulate cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and blood pressure which does not just help the liver but also provides wellness for the whole body. LiverMarin Plus contains all these ingredients that make it a good Liver protector! Keep your body healthy and the Liver protected while enjoying other health benefits such as improved digestive system functions, prevent over-production of insulin, excellently manage SGPT and SGOT levels and preventing Hepatitis A and B.


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