WATCH: TNT Boys Wows During ‘The World’s Best’ Premiere, Pops Fernandez is Proud

The World’s Best, a global talent competition hosted by James Corden, premiered on CBS Sunday night (February 4) with acts from Australia, Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, and the Philippines.

Representing the Philippines are Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion, collectively known as TNT Boys. They sang Beyonce’s “Listen” as their entry performance in the show.

Judges thoughts:

Faith Hill said “You are so precious and so sweet but when but when you are singing, you’re in that song and you’re like BAAM!”

Drew Barrymore said “You possessed a gift. You’re just that good!”

Rupaul said “Boys I have one thing to say. Shanté you stay!”

The average combined scores given by the judges was 49. The boys need 75 points to advance to the next round. But ALL 50 panelists from around the world voted for them and it upped their points to 99 which means the TNT Boys will advance to the next round of competition!

Pops Fernandez, who is one of the 50 international panelists, said “I am so proud right now to represent the Philippines. On behalf of the Filipinos, guess what, I know for a fact that you can be the world’s best!”

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