Special Housemate Marie Finally Meets Her Mother in ‘PBB Otso’

The week-long task of the “PBB Otso” housemates to search for special housemate Marie Carmen Songalia’s mother came to a tearful end last Monday (January 14), as the Longing Anak of Leyte met her biological mother Eunice Vergara, after 23 years of separation.


The reunion touched the hearts of netizens and the housemates, Abi, Andre, Apey, Fumiya, Lou, Mich, Wakim, and Yamyam, who spent days searching for Eunice through Facebook and phone calls to possible connections. They were also the ones who invited her to Kuya’s house to reunite with her daughter.

 The episode showed how the housemates prepared for a feast, which would be the setting of Marie and Eunice’s reunion. Lilibeth Delfin, the father figure in Marie’s life,  was also there to speak to Eunice and make sure she is indeed the special housemate’s mother.

 Marie was shocked by the sudden appearance of Eunice, who asked for forgiveness from her daughter and explained that she made her choice to give up Marie to give her a chance at a better future. Kuya reminded them that this was a moment for forgiveness and rebuilding their family even though it may take time.

Netizens expressed how touched they were by the episode with the hashtag #PBBSp8cialReunion, which was the number one trending topic on Twitter nationwide.

@IAMCHUCKQYGHELE tweeted, “OMG Ang Dami kong😭😭😭😭 That feeling of Marie can’t blame her, for 23 yrs then boom in your face it’s there. Time heals all wounds…. step by step everything will be oK. #PBBSp8cialReunion”

Meanwhile, @deydontknowjj shared how happy they were for Marie, “UBOS NA TISSUE DITO 😭Pero we’re all happy for you Marie #PBBSp8cialReunion”

On the other hand, @junenarciso said that adoption is another way of forming a family, “Every adoption story is beautiful. Family isn’t just made from blood, it’s made from LOVE. #PBBSp8cialReunion”

While watching Marie and Eunice’s reunion, Apey couldn’t help but think of her own long-lost family. When will Apey find out that Mark is part of the family she’s looking for?

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