Malaysian Folklore ‘Toyol’ Airs on HBO this Halloween Weekend

The ghost of an unborn infant haunts HBO viewers on SKY as the Malaysian flick “Toyol” airs this Sunday (November 4), the fifth episode of the horror anthology series, “Folklore.”

A Member of Parliament (Bront Palarae) of a fishing town seeks the help of a mysterious woman (Nabila Huda) with shaman-like powers in order to save the town from its dire economic situation. After she miraculously fixes the problem, the two fall in love. But the woman hides a deep, dark secret that will threaten to destroy everything as she could unleash the “toyol” upon the world.

According to Malay folklore, the “toyol” manifests itself as a newborn baby, only with blood-red eyes and sharp teeth. It is summoned through black magic by its owner and does their bidding no matter how gruesome the wish is.

Will the local politician know the real motive of the shaman before it is too late?

HBO Asia’s first horror anthology, “Folklore,” is a series that draws on the local myths from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Following “Toyol” is the last installment, the Korean episode,“Mongdal.”

Episodes are helmed by different directors from various Asian countries, and are filmed in the local language of the country that the episode is based in.

Watch “Toyol” on November 4, 10PM on HBO Ch. 54 SD/Ch. 168 HD (For Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Lipa-Batangas) or on Ch. 402 SD/710 HD (For Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, General Santos, Iloilo). SKYdirect subscribers can watch on Ch. 22 HD. It is also available for streaming on HBO GO which is exclusively available to SKY subscribers. To subscribe, call 418-0000 or your local SKY office or visit

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