‘Kadenang Ginto’ Beats ‘The Stepdaughters’ in National TV Ratings

More viewers tuned in to the gripping premiere of Kapamilya afternoon series “Kadenang Ginto” as its pilot episode beat its rival program in national TV ratings last Monday (October 8).

The series recorded a national TV rating of 16.2%, compared to “The Stepdaughters” that only got 11.4%, according to data from Kantar Media.

The pilot episode introduced viewers to Romina (Beauty Gonzales), who lives a simple and happy life with her family and fiancé Carlos (Adrian Alandy). However, she will struggle to protect herself against Daniela (Dimples Romana), Carlos’ former lover and the daughter of Romina’s boss Robert (Albert Martinez), who accuses Romina of being a gold digger and seducing her father.

Daniela’s jealousy and greed will lead her to making Romina’s life a living hell as she orders her men to rape the latter.

Will Daniela finally get rid of Romina in her life?

Meanwhile, netizens also shared their praises online not only for the story’s fast pace, but also for the cast’s stellar performance, especially Dimples, who wowed viewers with her convincing portrayal as a kontrabida. The show’s official hashtag #KGPangako also joined the list of trending topics online as it earned thousands of tweets.

Don’t miss “Kadenang Ginto” on Kapamilya Gold on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).

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