‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos Hits 1-Million Streams on Spotify, Drops a Surprise Music Video

After nearly three (3) months from its release date, “Buwan” by juan karlos has reached another milestone by hitting more than 1,000,000 streams on Spotify!

The kundiman blues single took the digital space up by a storm by entering the Philippines Viral 50 charts twice and even inspiring some musicians and fans to create covers of the song themselves.

“Buwan” also made noise in the underground scene as juan karlos toured around the Metro in different bars such as 12 Monkey’s, Mow’s Bar, saGuijo, and The Minokaua to promote the single in MCA Music’s Baktubaktubak: Bar Tour.

“Buwan” also charted in radio stations MOR 101.9 (Manila), MOR 91.9 (Cagayan De Oro), MOR 94.3 (Dagupan), Pinas FM 95.5, DWVM 103.9 Spirit FM, and was even included in Jam 88.3’s NEW MUSIC playlist on Spotify. It was also in Jam 88.3 where the band did a live performance debut of the single last 21st of June.

To keep the noise and momentum going, juan karlos does a surprise drop of their music video for “Buwan” today, 25th of September!

The eerie music video showcases some minimal acting skills of lead vocalist, Juan Karlos Labajo, and Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner, Maureen Wroblewitz, where the two play as lovers who seem to be in a toxic relationship.

Similar to juan karlos’ recently released music video for their single, “Sistema”, the band gives us another music video open for interpretation.

“Buwan” leads all viewers and listeners with a few unanswered questions and the itch to spring up some fan theories.

One minute we see Juan Karlos and Mau dancing and acting in love, the next you see them fighting and screaming at each other. Makes you wonder if “Buwan” is the sweet kundiman song you have always thought it was.

So, why drop the music video today of all days? Could be because the single has reached 1,000,000 streams on Spotify or it could also be that we’re scheduled for a full moon tonight, but one thing is for sure, day or night – “Buwan” isn’t going down soon.

Watch the music video for “Buwan” below:

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  1. Love the song! Been stuck in my head for days

  2. Hope juan karlos will have another chance to show his singing n acting skills

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