GOT7 Releases New Single ‘Lullaby’ in 4 Languages

GOT7 is back with a new song called “Lullaby” and they released it in on Monday, September 17, four versions: Korean, English, Mandarin and Spanish.

During the press conference in Korea, the boyband explained that the reason for releasing four versions of “Lullaby” is to show their love to their international fans known as “Ahgase.”

“We further realized the importance and love of fans all around the world during our world tour. We do read comments on the Internet, but feeling the fans’ energy at the concert is completely different. We felt like we could communicate directly with fans by speaking in their languages, so we decided to record our title track in four different languages,” said Jinyoung.

Watch the official music video for “Lullaby” with English subtitles below:

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