Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto Watch YouTube During Break Time

With their undeniable chemistry and serious acting chops well beyond their years, real and reel-life couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are just on a roll when it comes to dominating both the big screen and television, effortlessly winning fans all over the country and making their mark in the industry.

But amid their busy schedules, Joshua and Julia, known best by their moniker JoshLia, are just like any other people their age who consider video apps like YouTube as a go-to pastime. Between grueling hours on set, JoshLia squeeze in “YouTube breaks” to perk themselves up, unwind just a little, or – when a major scene calls for it – get in character.

Break time is YouTube time

“In between takes, I usually play music videos of my favorite artists on YouTube. It’s amazing how a song can totally change your mood in a snap – and with video, it’s just so much more intense and heartfelt,” said 21-year old Julia, who once got caught on cam shedding tears while watching Moira Dela Torre’s music video for ‘Tagpuan.’

“Aside from music videos, I also check YouTube for other stuff – from make-up tutorials, travel vlogs, and of course, funny viral clips.”

“Break time is easily YouTube time for us,” declared 20-year old Joshua. “YouTube has a lot of great content for everyone, but like Julia, I find myself playing music videos, and streaming guitar lessons because I play the instrument. I am also into games, so there are moments when I check gaming clips and walkthroughs. There are also the usual trending videos and viral clips that keep us abreast with what people are talking about online.”

Free YouTube Every Day with more TNT promos

JoshLia’s passion for mobile content is one of many reasons this young couple is thrilled to be part of the TNT family as its new endorsers, headlining the mobile brand’s groundbreaking Free YouTube Every Day promo.

Even better, TNT has now made FREE YOUTUBE even more accessible by expanding its list of prepaid promos that instantly come with 1 hour of Free YouTube Every Day, such as Supercombo 20, GigaSurf 50, Panalo Data 30, and Panalo Combo 30. With Free YouTube Every Day, TNT customers can make the most of their break time by streaming their favorite videos in one sitting or in several sessions throughout the day. They can watch funny vlogs, stream music videos, catch eye-opening documentaries, and learn from instructional clips, and so much more.

“As a brand, TNT has been known for making it easier and more affordable for customers to enjoy their favorite online activities with our budget-friendly data promos. Our collaboration with YouTube allows us to further reinforce our brand essence, this time as an enabler for Filipinos to enjoy a wide range of content on the world’s largest video-sharing platform. We are also working towards bringing other video platforms into the mix to give our customers a full range of options,” said Carlo Endaya, VP for Prepaid Marketing.

“We are thrilled to welcome Joshua and Julia to the TNT family, as they represent the growing number of young Filipinos who take to YouTube for their daily dose of fun and entertaining content – from clips of their favorite shows and series, music videos of singers and bands they closely follow, celebrity interviews, strategies for top games to news, life hacks and other informative content.”

Bond over YouTube videos anytime and anywhere

“TNT is such a fit for us because as digital natives, we go online on YouTube and other apps pretty much whenever we can,” said Julia. “With Free YouTube Araw Araw from TNT, we can all turn our break time into YouTube time and just enjoy more videos that entertain and inspire us – from OPM songs, K-Pop groups, celebrities, games, DIY stuff, among others.”

“Free YouTube Every Day also allows everyone to share videos that matter to us, and in a way bond with friends and loved ones over these content anytime and anywhere,” said Joshua.

TNT’s Free YouTube Every Day promo is valid until October 31, 2018. TNT customers can enjoy Free YouTube Every Day on the back of Smart’s LTE network, the country’s fastest LTE network as recognized by industry experts Ookla and OpenSignal.

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  1. Si sakang kailangan magpaseksi kasi napag iiwanan ng kalabtim, kapit tuko kay daniel Padilla.bagay sana si DJ at Julia B, Si kathryn pag walang make up parang alalay ang dating.hahahahahhh

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