Know the Diabetes Risk Factors

Diabetes is the result when your body cannot make or use insulin. It could start when your blood sugar levels become uncontrollably high while facing other risk factors.

What are the risk factors of Diabetes that everyone should watch out for?

1. Family History – Diabetes can be passed on genetically. If you have a family member that is diagnosed with Diabetes, the chances of you—getting Diabetes is higher.

2. Pancreas Problems – if you have a disease in the pancreas, chances are your ability to make insulin is slower than normal which may result to diabetes.

3. Obesity – being obese or overweight is the result of eating too much—too much sugar and carbs that the body stores it as fat instead of using it as fuel. With obesity to face, blood sugar levels of obese people are relatively higher than normal.

If you think you are at great risk, change your lifestyle and visit your physician for further assessment.

Aside from that taking supplements could be a big help too!
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