‘Meteor Garden’ Trumps ‘Wowowin’ in National TV Ratings

Viewers nationwide tuned in to the premiere of the much-anticipated remake of the classic “Meteor Garden,” which started airing last Monday (August 20) on the same timeslot when its original Taiwanese version aired and became a phenomenal hit.

The pilot episode of the new “Meteor Garden” enjoyed a national TV rating of 21.4%, winning against “Wowowin,” which only registered 15.4%, according to data from Kantar Media.

The biggest and most demanded Asianovela for 2018, “Meteor Garden” is back on ABS-CBN as it celebrates its 15th year of being the true and first home of Asianovelas.

Filipinos will once again follow the life of the feisty Shancai, a girl from a family who runs a delivery service of meals cooked by her mother to make ends meet and stands up to the notorious group of rich, brilliant, young men who always get their way in the university she is attending.

She will become a target of the F4 and is subjected to every horrible bullying tactic they can employ to make her quit school. However, one of the boys, Huaze Lei takes an interest in her and comes to be her white knight during times she is unable to defend herself. But at the same time, their leader, Daoming Si, falls for the unyielding heroine and starts to appreciate her strong-willed nature.

The 2018 iteration of the Taiwanese series is bannered this time around by Chinese stars such as Shen Yue as Dong Shancai, the main character of the series. The boys, meanwhile, are played by Dylan Wang as Daoming Si, the main love interest of Shancai; Darren Cheng as Huaze Lei; Connor Leong as Fang Meizuo; and Ceasar Wu as Ximen Yan.

“We’re very excited to be once more giving our Kapamilyas the famed ‘Meteor Fever’ that once swept the nation, thanks to this much-anticipated remake. We are sure it will elicit the same type of ‘kilig’ Filipinos felt when they made it a part of their viewing habits more than a decade ago,” said ABS-CBN Acquisitions head Macie Imperial.

In 2003, the Philippines fell madly in love with the original series that starred the famed, and what became to others as the original F4 composed of Jerry Yan, Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and female lead Barbie Xu. Fans can catch them again on iWant TV as it brings back the remastered original Taiwan version starting September 1.

Don’t miss the episodes of “Meteor Garden” on Primetime Bida, right before “TV Patrol.”

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  1. Anonymous // August 26, 2018 at 11:26 pm //

    panalo ulit ang kapamilya!!!

  2. Anonymous // August 23, 2018 at 2:02 pm //

    Lovebthe new MG esp dylan wang en darren chen

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