Avoiding Premature Aging

Before, we think that as we age, our skin age with us.

However, there are a lot of other people who do not reflect their age through their skin because their skin always looks young, vibrant, healthy and beautiful. Though skin aging is pretty much inevitable, we can delay it and even prevent premature skin aging. Here are tips on how you can do it:

• Protect your skin from the sun. It could be a cloudy day and it doesn’t feel too hot however, it doesn’t make the UV rays any less harmful for the skin.

• Stop smoking cigarettes. Smoking can cause wrinkles and dullness!

• Drink less alcohol as too much alcohol may be toxic for the body which makes it hard for the liver to detoxify. Too much toxins can reflect dullness in the skin or even diseases in the long run.

• Cleanse your skin gently. Scrubbing too much can damage healthy skin cells so as much as possible, be gentle to your skin.

• Observe a happy and healthy lifestyle. Work-out, eat healthy, sleep well and take vitamins to keep your body nourished and protected. Taking Vitamin E can help you not only stay fit and healthy, it can also help you maintain a lovely looking skin!

Aside from skin care, Vitamin E also helps in maintaining the functions of blood vessels, brain and nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and promotes good eyesight. Lastly, it helps in preventing cancer, heart disease and stroke.

It’s very simple to achieve healthier skin, especially now that it is easier to find Vitamin E supplements. You just have to make sure that you get at least 400IU of Vitamin E every day in order to assure body and skin protection from the harmful effects of free radicals that can damage skin cells. Not to mention that the local Vitamin E supplement, Vita-E is now SRP 7.00 per soft gel capsule which makes it even more affordable to get 400IU of Vitamin E daily!

Vita-E help keep your skin healthy and protected, go get yours at Mercury Drug, they have it readily available!


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