How to Get Over Post-Vacation Bliss and Back to Work

Do you have a hard time going back to work after a vacation? This is a quite common issues known online as #backtoworkblues, so claims CNN. Despite affecting a great number of people, this ‘condition’ is not an acknowledged mood disorder. This means there is no acknowledged treatment for it. But thousands of people who have suffered through it and had to adjust developed some rather effective methods of dealing with ‘back to work blues’. These strategies mostly involve writing plans, making some diet changes, and going into the ‘stealth’ mode while you still can.

4 Tips for Going Back to Work after a Vacation

1. Have a plan in place

One of the biggest issues you’ll encounter when going back to work is getting overwhelmed by all the piled up mail and tasks that have been waiting for your return. Don’t let them put you under an extreme amount of stress right away by drawing up a detailed plan for the day.
Prepare a to-do list of all tasks you’ll have to do and then prioritize them as you wouldn’t be able to finish all of it within one day. Then, be sure to stick to your plan and don’t allow catching up with co-workers and reminiscing about the better times spent with your family at the beach to divert you from the tasks. For the time being, you need to completely focus on the issues at hand so your mind will be able to ‘switch’ to the work mode faster.

2. Start a new diet

Did you gain a bit of weight during your trip? This happens to the majority of people and, unfortunately, adds to your stress of going back to work after a vacation. It might seem that starting a weight loss program is too much change, but this can actually work in your favor as you’ll be able to focus on developing a diet and exercise plan instead of dwelling on how hard it is to be back behind your desk.
It’ll be best if you look up some quick weight loss tips. Seeing results of your new program fast will give you a boost of positivity, which will also help to beat the ‘back to work blues’.

3. Go into the ‘stealth’ mode

While some people in the office will definitely know you’re back, you shouldn’t go out of your way to announce that. In fact, consider putting a bit more effort in not drawing attention to yourself.

This will help you avoid an influx of calls and messages from those, who have been waiting for your return. Use the time you have to get your current tasks in order and mentally prepare to get back into the thick of things.

4. Plan your breaks

One of the most important things you need to do when going back to work after a vacation is to admit that you won’t be able to be at your best right away. The lingering relaxation and joy from the holiday will interfere with work, and it’s a good thing. Trying to shut off these feelings will only get you more stressed and will undo all the good things that came from the trip.
Instead, you should embrace them, but at your own terms. Plan a few 5-10 minute breaks into your workday when you’ll do nothing but relax and ‘think happy thoughts’. Consider this a time to recharge your batteries drawing from the bliss left by the vacation. You’ll quickly see your productivity grows after these breaks.

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