How to Create Unique Decorations for the Flat

There is no place like home. It’s a common truth. All people strive to make their dwellings homey and inviting to create a kind of serene harbour where they can relax and be themselves, no matter whether they live in a private house or in a city apartment. The only thing with apartments is that they are often limited in space and lack individuality. However, you still can give your living space an individualized flare and make your residence unique even if you live in a small flat. It’s all about the right approach and clever design.

Everybody has some sort of idea how their perfect home should look like. Some would hire a professional interior designer to visualize their aspirations while others, especially those keen of DIY crafts, prefer realizing their ideas by themselves. If you belong to the latter, you will definitely like our simple and helpful recommendations on how to create some unique decorations that will add a personal touch to your flat interior.

Colour Your Space

The colour of walls sets the style for the whole interior design. You can easily paint the walls by yourself using a brush and a roller or one of those handy tools from electric spray gun reviews. A simple and feasible solution that will let you step aside from single-colour walls is to apply ready-made stencils allowing you to create unique images and patterns on the walls even without being an artist. On top of that, you can go for the same color approach to restore and repaint your old furniture. Giving birth to your favourite old items, you will perfectly sew your sweet memories and memorable emotions into your new interior.

Use Light Illusions

It’s not a secret that light can change the whole mood and feeling of the space making it either cozy and tranquilling or festive and welcoming. While chandeliers and ceiling spot lights work great only for higher premises, floor lamps, wall light fixtures, table lamps, and highlighting illuminations make an ideal match for all types of rooms. A decorative trick that works wonders for smaller spaces like flats is using mirrors. Reflecting light, they visually enlarge the space. Hang a large mirror somewhere in front of the window to let more natural light into the room and make the premise feel more spacious.

Blend in Personalized Accessories

Handmade items will introduce a special charm and bring a piece of individuality into your home design. No interior decor is complete without textiles that make your interior style more complete and accomplished. If you are into knitting or patchwork, you can make a one-of-the-kind coverlet for the couch, sofa, or armchair in the living room. And if you have a sewing and embroidery machine, linens, tablecloths, and napkins with unmatched embroidered patterns will add a special decorative twist to your bedroom and kitchen. Hand knitted, woven, sewn, and embroidered items seamlessly fit into classic, vintage, provence, and rustic style and will find their place in many fusion interiors.

Get in the Zone

If you have a studio or open-plan apartment, designing cleverly allocated zones will help you organize your your living space in a proper and convenient way. You can use bookcases, decorative stands, glass partitions, or simply a long-pile carpet and a large cozy couch to separate lounging, dining, and working zones.

Got inspired with some ideas? Then go on and bring them to life to make your home the reflection of you.

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