Ai Ai delas Alas, Ex Batallion Team Up with Viva

Screen and television star Ai Ai de las Alas has agreed to top bill a movie for Viva Films and she has brought along as co-stars her hot hitmaking charges, the Ex Battalion. The film is set to start filming in July. It is written by Mel del Rosario and will be directed by Dado Lomibao. At the same time the members of Ex B will be getting ready for their first major concert to be produced by Viva.

The movie marks the return of Ai Ai to Viva Films where she made her early appearances while a struggling young actress. Since then she has become the country’s leading comedienne on television and on the big screen with landmark box-office hits like Ang Tanging Ina, Sisterakas, My Bebe Love and others. She ventured into a new side of the entertainment business early this year when she became the manager of Ex Battalion.

The Ai Ai and Ex B picture also marks the acting debuts of the members of this talented hip hop collective, which has introduced a new type of sound to the local rap scene. Being a collective means that all of the members are solo artists who can work together or on their own. It was formed by Bossx1ne six years ago and now includes the following rappers: Emcee Rhenn, King Badger, Skusta Clee, James Brando and Flow G.

Ex B broke into the big time with Need You two years ago. This was followed by Tell Me, and then No Games which brought the group into the top ten of the Philippine hit charts. Late in 2017, Ex Battalion released what would become their biggest hit to date, Hayaan Mo Sila. The number one seller which has dominated airplay, social media, streaming and downloading sites these past months is a soft, engaging rumination on living while surrounded by meddlers.

Watch out for this major motion picture event where Viva will bring together drama, comedy and the latest in Pinoy music.

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