ATC Strike Patch: Make This Your 4 o’clock Habit For Your Kids

Staying organized and being methodological is really helpful in order to keep things in control and intact. In most studies and surveys, parents develop a habit for their kids to make sure they stay disciplined, healthy, unharmed and protected. Every 4 o’clock, it is but common that kids go outside to play because it’s not too hot anymore but it’s still not dark so kids can usually enjoy this kind of weather after a hard day at school! Here are some 4 o’clock habits every parent must try to practice before playing outside:

1. Make sure the kids have eaten their merienda.
2. Make sure they wear comfy yet presentable clothes.
3. Make sure they are well-groomed by tying the hair for girls and combing the hair for boys.
4. Put powder and towel at their backs so they won’t get too sweaty.
5. It is necessary to put Strike Patch for Kids on their clothes in order to fight off mosquitoes that may carry harmful diseases like dengue and zika.

It is important to have mosquito repellents that would work for kids without irritating them with this 100% DEET free patch. Strike Mosquito Patch for Kids is an easy stick-on material with cute designs that your kids would surely love. Just stick it on your child’s clothes and the effects last for 48 hours! Get your Strike Mosquito Patch for Kids at Mercury Drug and protect your children from dengue and Zika.

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