Nathalie, Jake, and Patrick Heat Up ‘The Blood Sisters’

Kapamilya actors Jake Cuena, Patrick Garcia, and Nathalie Hart have joined the Kapamilya primetime series “The Blood Sisters” to add more tension to the relationship of the triplets portrayed by Erich Gonzales.

Jake plays Juancho, a man desperate to seek revenge against Fabian (Dante Rivero), the leader of the syndicate that owns Paraiso, an illegal “baby farm” whose co-investors include Rosemarie (Tessie Tomas), the grandmother of the triplets. Planning to get millions of pesos from the illegal business, Juancho plans to infiltrate his enemies by getting close to the unknowing Erika.

Patrick also returns to television as Emman, Erika’s ex-boyfriend who abandoned her when he got her pregnant. Desperate to have a place in their son’s life, Emman will do everything in his power to gain custody of his son.

Fresh from her show-stopping performance in the movie “Sin Island,” Nathalie makes a splash on primetime television as she portrays Sahara. Far from innocent, Sahara has just been hired as one of Fabian’s personnel, but is also secretly working for Juancho.

The conflict among the sisters is about to reach its climax, after the Solomons kidnapped Erika’s son Jolo. Sahara was involved in the incident, while Juancho offered to help Erika in looking for the kid.

How will the relationship of Erika, Carrie, and Agatha change, especially when they find out that Agatha has promised to protect the interests of the Solomons?

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