Traveling By Bike: Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought about leaving your car in the garage, loading the backpack with the essential travel stuff, jumping on your two-wheeled friend and setting off an adventurous trip? Singing birds, shining sun, beautiful landscapes, the air filled with herb aromas… Sounds tempting? If yes, keep on reading this article to discover all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of recreation.


Everyone Can Try It

Cycling is accessible to absolutely everyone, even the smallest children. However, if you’re planning a long ride, it’s sensible to install an electric motor on your and your child’s bike.You can choose a good one in this electric bike kit review. After upgrading your bikes, you won’t get tired rather quickly and will be able to enjoy your travel to the fullest.

It’s Affordable

It’s a fact that biking saves U.S. riders billions a year. Actually, this type of traveling requires almost no investments.You just need to get some snacks and drinks if you’re planning a day out, cycling with your family or friends.

No Limits

And if you’re going on a really long cycling tour, you’re not tied to pricey motels any more. You can just take a camping tent along with a bicycle cover waterproof and stop in any beautiful valley on your way.


It’s not a secret that car fumes are slowly killing us, but did you know that not even tire waste pollute the air? So, cycling is ideal for those who care about nature. Bikes are completely environmentally-friendly and they don’t pollute the air we breathe.

Strengthen Your Health!

New studies show that trips on two wheels have extraordinary health benefits. Pedalling can not only help you lose some weight, boost your immune system, increase stamina and straighten cardiovascular system but also prevent cancer.


Bad Conditions

Too muddy trails or extremely bad weather can ruin your cycling trip. So, it’s better to check the condition of roads you’re going to ride and the weather forecast before starting your trip.

Sudden Breakage or Puncture

Like any other vehicle, a bicycle can break down. And if you like to ride forest trails, you might easily get the tires punctured. Thus, you need to always have a repair kit with you.


Any cyclist should also think about safety. We recommend novice cyclists to avoid rush-hour traffic. Also, you should protect yourself with a bike helmet. And remember that all experienced cyclists began with short, easy routes, so choose your route depending on your physical fitness level.

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