Tony Labrusca Embraces a Life in Motion with Lee Jeans

Our highly mobile and technologically complex environment has moved urban dwellers to adopt a new fashion image—one that is decidedly stylish and functional at the same time. Leading denim brand Lee shifts with this trend and introduces a new philosophy called “Move Your Lee”: inspiring life in motion and in style.

And for Lee, no other personality expresses this more than Tony Labrusca, a rising star in Philippine show business. The son of actor Boom Labrusca and singer Angel Jones, Tony was born in the United States but grew up in Canada. This early itinerant lifestyle has influenced him to embrace innovation and physical expression through style.

Getting a foot in the door through his stint at ABS-CBN’s talent search Pinoy Boy Band PH and action-drama series “La Luna Sangre,” the optimistic Tony finds opportunity in every turn by constantly moving forward.

Like Tony, Lee is a force of liberation—a dynamic denim lifestyle that inspires the exploration of limitless opportunities in a thriving urban landscape. Lee delivers a well-rounded wardrobe for those who seek passion in life—creating spontaneous experiences and moments and living a lifetime in a day.

As Lee propels freedom of movement, style up in the season’s fashionable collection and make every day count.

“With more extensive social connections, we are more informed about happenings around us, freer to identify ourselves and to make our voices heard. Being part of Move Your Lee means boldly embracing these changes and capturing different moments in a fashionable manner and a joyful attitude,” says Tony.

Designed for an active, contemporary lifestyle, Lee is the perfect pair of jeans for men like Tony, who streaks through his days with incredible energy. Aside from acting and singing, gymnastics and pole dancing take up much of Tony’s time. This is why it is important for him to have jeans that comfortably move with him anywhere, anytime of the day.

101+ : Modernized heritage

Lee offers all the fashion pieces one needs to create different identities or moments in very busy routines. To cope with the challenge, Lee kicks in with a positive, in-the-moment spirit by offering style and comfort for every occasion.

Lee’s 101+, for one, is designed for the modern gentleman and caters to all denim connoisseurs. With every stitch woven with true blue legacy, this handcrafted celebratory revamp of Lee’s premium 101 jeans is a true work of art, grabbing your attention by simply standing out. On closer look, you’ll find subtly hidden features that make the collection special—a coin pocket rivet specially mentions its commemorative jeans; the Hair-on-Hide label is its most distinguishing feature; the ‘+’ stitching on the back pockets forms the 101+ signature; and the custom zipper is marked with a ‘+’ style to form the 101+ signature.

The ‘+’ in 101+ represents a host of upgrades across all levels: unique trims, selvedge fabric that resists unravelling at the edges, special buttons, zippers, anniversary labels, and a hidden message that is not repeated in another pair of Lee jeans. All these elevate the jeans into another sphere of attitude.

A resounding culmination of Lee’s 127 inimitable years, Lee 101+ represents its dyed-in-the-denim legacy. A remaster of Lee’s archetypal 101 collection, it combines upgrades in craft with a command of fabric only Lee can boast of.

Urban Riders: For the Lords of the Road

Defined by both design and functionality, Lee’s Urban Riders collection is inspired by modern cyclists around the world who believe riding is an art and the road is their canvas.

Fabricated with Dual-Weather Denim from Coolmax, Urban Riders allows unrestricted movement in the summer or on rainy days, cooling or insulating the body when needed. Crafted with L-shaped belt loops and stitched with unique trims and patterns, the jeans let them straddle their bikes for long stretches of time—in utmost comfort. A code among Lee enthusiasts, Urban Riders’ 6-dot imprint conveys street sophistication. Its breathability and Evaporative Cooling technology keep one feeling fresh all day.

Lee—Over 125 years of Denim Craftsmanship since 1889

Lee is one of the world’s most iconic signatures of quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Following the establishment in 1889 of the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company by Henry David Lee in Kansas, U.S., Lee started on its journey to becoming a legendary denim brand. Over the years, Lee has made history with its many product innovations such as the world’s first-ever zip fly jeans—the 101Z in 1926, the iconic hair-on-hide leather label, and the Lazy S back pocket stitching.

From the launch of the 1st Lee bib overalls to the 13oz 101 cowboy jeans, Lee has demonstrated an undying passion for innovation and has transformed itself from a practical and durable work-wear maker to a contemporary and trendsetting fashion giant.

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    dapat isama sya sa movie ng dalawang magbff na reyna sona Marian at Angel

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    gawpo ni tony talaga

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