GOT7’s BamBam Returns to Thailand for his Enlistment Lottery

BamBam, from the Idol group GOT7, returned to his homeland Thailand to prepare for his military lottery drawing.

It’s an annual tradition in Thailand that men who turns 20 are demanded to take part in the military lottery. Those who picks a black card will be exempted from 2-year military service. Unfortunately to those who draws a red card, they are required to enlist within a year and complete a 24-month service in the military.

On Monday, April 9, BamBam endured the gruesome line which lasted for more than two hours before he could draw his fate. And GOT7 fans are now rejoicing after the Thai-idol picked a black card which means he is exempted from serving and he can return to South Korea to continue his flourishing idol career.

Bambam reacts after drawing the black card:

Photo credit: Twitter (@defjnda)

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