Agatha Starts Manipulating Her Whole Family in ‘The Blood Sisters’

After the reunion of the Almeda triplets played by Erich Gonzales in “The Blood Sisters,” Agatha is starting to take advantage of the kindness of her family and turn them against each other now that they are living under one roof.

Now living the luxurious life she has always dreamed of, Agatha will do everything to hide the truth that Adele (Cherry Pie Picache) is their biological mother and go to great lengths to curry favor with Debbie (Dina Bonnevie).

Agatha, a natural manipulator, then revealed Carrie and Erika’s attempt to meet their supposed surrogate mother in Baguio – which greatly hurt Debbie.

However, even before Carrie and Erika could meet their real mother, Adele had already been convinced to run away by Norman (Jestoni Alarcon), who is also desperate to keep the truth from her wife and mother-in-law Rosemarie (Tessie Tomas).

How long will Adele be able to carry the guilt of hiding away from her daughters? What else will Agatha do to harm her twins’ characters?

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    She’s a bitch 😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄😖😖😖

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