What Makes Artificial Trees the Most Intelligent Landscaping Purchase Decision

Where time is expensive and money matters, artificial landscaping makes for a great opportunity to save both to the maximum. A big space requires the right knick-knacks to make it look awe-inspiring, and the artificial hedges, topiaries, palm trees are nothing if inspiring. They are perfect for Casinos, Hospitals, Malls, Theme Parks and any other large corporate spaces you can imagine. Silk trees are manufactured to bring in a breath of fresh air between and outside the concrete walls while withstanding atmospheric wear and tear day in and day out which makes them a better option for natural landscaping.

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Are they better from the real deal?

To be completely honest here, silk trees are manufactured after expert consultation to make sure they look just like their real counter-parts if not better. The manufacturers ensure that these artificial trees imitate their counter-parts well enough regarding leaf size, shape, texture, color along with the stumps and other parts of the plant and in no way look like store bought fake plastic ones. The amount of effort to make them look just as good as the real ones are it the fake tree stumps or the leaves is what makes landscapers and designers love the idea of artificial landscaping.

What’s so special!

Yes, they may look like real plants, but why choose them over the real ones if they are so much alike you ask? Here’s the catch. You may own a big space that requires regular upkeep, but these plants don’t. Since they don’t grow, they do not make a mess like wilting, drying off and neither do they require water, light or anything of that sort, no photosynthesis you see. A fake tree stump or a large artificial tree as a whole stays the way they come in through the door during the installation period and keep looking as great as new for years. And if that’s not convincing enough, they are backed up with a few more advanced features that real plants could never evolve enough to exhibit. This includes-

• Flame resistance- Fortunately enough previous historical mistakes of artificial plants spreading fire has come to a stop now with the incorporation of fire retardant chemical during the injection molding process into the PVC parts or the fabric in the manufacturing process itself. In some cases, a post-production process of spraying the fire retardant chemical on top of the product is used, while the first process works better the second one works well too in controlling the spread of fire by not being inflammable.

• UV protection- In case of outdoor landscaping the sun can be a real issue and the plants remain exposed to natural light the entire day and night. So to avoid discoloration or wear and tear through UV exposure, several chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

By now you are wondering if the added chemicals could harm the environment and the people around. Well, they are tested for allergic reactions and are not known to cause any to humans or animals as such, so they are entirely safe to be around at all times.

They do require some maintenance, right?

If you could call an occasional dusting off maintenance then yes, they do require that once in a while depending on how much they are exposed to dust. Other than that, you don’t need to drop a sweat over maintenance for these babies. They don’t need watering, pruning, fertilizers, pesticides or anything that costs great time and money, which brings us to the most important part, money.

Save yourself quite a few bucks in the long-haul

Artificial landscaping with silk plants, decorative wall panels is a significant one-time investment. They do not require replacement as often as the real ones, don’t wilt, get attacked by pests and above all doesn’t require maintenance. This makes sure you get to keep the big bucks in your pocket for a long time.

Make your choice

Silk plants do not limit your options to a few but bring you a huge range of amazingly well-crafted collection including fake jungle vines, fake saguaro cactus, artificial oak tree, artificial topiaries which according to type comes with properly colored and shaped pots for a more earthy look. You can avail animal-shaped topiaries for theme parks, hospitals or your corporate space if that’s the fun look you are going for or choose from a range of artificial hedges to outline the office spaces in big firms, institutions, hospitals, etc. for a more well-designed professional look. It doesn’t just stop there; you can use fake plant backdrops for your hotels and casinos to give them a more down-to-earth look and change them, store them at per will.

Do they make landscaping easy?

Creativity is hard to find, but once found if executed correctly can look and feel astounding. If you have landscapers and designers at your bay you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view after installation but you can still do the same if you don’t, here’s how. These companies in business dealing with silk plants offer landscaping services with an expert panel of designers and project managers to assist you with the design and installation.

What makes them so great?

Apart from the fact that they have extra features and save money and time, at the end of the day, it’s all about how they look. These plants starting from the artificial tree stumps to fabricated leaves are manufactured with reference from their real counterparts with valuable suggestions from botanists and experts dealing in the field of horticulture, foliage, etc. to ensure that they look nothing less than the real plants regarding color, size, shape, height, etc.

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