ABS-CBN, CHED Commissioner Adamat, Rep. Catamco, and IP Leaders Find Common Ground on Use of ‘Bagani’ as Title of Fantaserye

ABS-CBN, Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) commissioner Ronald Adamat, House of Representatives Committee on Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples chairperson Rep. Nancy Catamco, and leaders of the Indigenous Peoples had a dialogue witnessed by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) last Saturday (March 10) on the use of “Bagani” as the title of the network’s newest fantaserye.

From left to right: Tribal youth leader Melchor Bayawan, artist Bae Bayang Barrios, IP Core Group spokesperson and IP advocate Melissa Claire Icdang Barrera, Manobo princess Bae Jennifer Limpayen Sibug Las, CHED commissioner Ronald Adamat, Star Creatives business unit head Lourdes De Guzman, Rep. Nancy A. Catamco, “Bagani” headwriter Mark Angos, ABS-CBN legal services head Atty. Caesar Poblador, Atty. Arnel Ordas, and ABS-CBN corporate communications head Kane Errol Choa

All parties had the opportunity to discuss and explain their positions on the issues raised on the program.

After hearing all sides, all parties have come to an understanding that the use of “Bagani” is in good faith. In continuing the use of “Bagani” for the teleserye, all have agreed to be partners in further educating the Filipino audience about Filipino culture and its roots from Indigenous Peoples (IP).

There are real Baganis among Indigenous Peoples. They are the IP’s warriors who protect entire communities and ancestral domains from external threats and armed intrusions. They are looked up to by IPs as armed vanguards willing to die for communities to thrive and live in peace. They are among the inspirations used by ABS-CBN in coming up with the fantaserye entitled “Bagani.”

Since it began airing on March 5, ABS-CBN has been showing a disclaimer before the airing of the program, emphasizing that the story is purely fictitious, takes inspiration from elements of Filipino mythology and folklore, and does not represent or pertain to any Indigenous Peoples in the country.

The show would like to reiterate that it recognizes the importance of the Bagani to our Indigenous Peoples’ culture and history and never intended to malign or disrespect their beliefs.

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  1. puro awayan..sigalot ang fantaserye ng kapalmilyakis..

  2. INODORA X // March 14, 2018 at 8:25 am //

    hahaha GOOD RIDDANCE, it’s an issue far fetched by Tangang KANGUSO fantards. way to go BAGANI

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