Smart Beads, Smart Shoes, and Other Gadgets That Make Sci-Fi a Reality

It seems that everything in the world is turning smart, from shoes to prayer beads. And it’s a great thing because it proves that one, we live in the age of super-tech. Two, the world is getting better right before our eyes. All these fancy gadgets enhance our comfort and safety as well as open new opportunities for improvement. The most notable hi-tech gadgets you can use in 2018 are simple, efficient, and super-cool.

Best Smart Gadgets and Tech That Make the World a Better Place

If you thought that mentioning smart prayer beads in the intro was a joke, a Taiwanese tech developer Acer has this to say. The soon-to-be-released smart Buddhist prayer beads are taking religion to an entirely new plane.

This gadget will help people pray by counting mantras, so the person will be able to fully focus on their quest for the inner peace. The device also connects to social media making it possible to share merits with your friends and family. The beads are managed by a smartphone app and will no doubt have other cool features that will help Buddhism go digital.

Smart Shoes

Smart shoes aren’t a new concept as fitness sneakers that can track your workout launched in 2016. The smart shoes of 2018 aren’t mere trackers. These gadgets/comfy shoes are able to communicate and even control some other gadgets.

The most notable option is definitely Pizza Hut’s Pie Tops version 2. Not only can these sneakers order pizza by a press of a button, but they can also pause your smart TV. This technology might not be all that fantastic yet. However, it shows tremendous potential when you think of how it can work with Internet of Things tech.

A smart hub for a home is no surprise to anyone today. Voice control is all the rage and any business that wants to be worth anything thinks of how to integrate this feature. Even when launching a website people think about ‘how will voice control features work on my pages?’ This question is even raised when choosing a hosting. It rates up there with ‘what’s the bandwidth I get in the package?’ and ‘what’s the best hosting for cPanel?’ In case you didn’t know, the latter refers to a highly efficient admin control panel that many small and medium businesses use.

Now think, what would smart shoes turned a voice-controlled smart home hub be like? You’ll be able to control major devices in your home by simply tapping your shoe a few times. The ‘tapping’ technology for this purpose already exists. At this year’s Mobile World Congress we’ve seen boots capable of sending and receiving messages in Morse code.

Germ-Resistant Computers

Not all coolest tech of 2018 is smart gadgets. Hewlett Packard, better known as HP, a renowned manufacturer of top-notch computers, has announced that the company will be releasing an entire line of healthcare devices. The company’s press release highlights that aside from being efficient and oriented towards healthcare practices, these computers will be germ-resistant and easy to sanitize. They will also be more secure.

Wearable Gadgets That Protect from Assault

One also shouldn’t forget about the wide range of gadgets that aren’t all that smart, but are even more important. There’s an entire industry of anti-rape gadgets designed to protect people from assault. They might not be able to order takeout, but they can send out an alert and raise an alarm. According to many women sharing their stories with the BBC, these devices can make a huge difference.

The world of technology develops rapidly in all directions, which is a great thing. Millennia ago our ancestors created the first tools and managed to get out of caves. Today, we control our homes through smartphone apps. It’ll be fascinating to see where else the technological progress will take us.

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