‘La Luna Sangre’ Garners 29.8 Million Tweets #LaLunaTheFinalBattle

Sad howls reverberated on Twitter as fans bid farewell to the hit horror-fantasy drama series #LaLunaSangre last night. Many were eager to witness how the story of the main characters would end while others yearned to hear the answer to the story’s prophecy. Ever since the show premiered in June of 2017, it had generated 28.8 million Tweets. During its final #LaLunaTheFinalBattle episode, the show soared to the top of the Philippines’ Top Trends with more than 1.4 million related-Tweets; proving that vampires and werewolves have a place in the hearts of Filipinos.

#LaLunaFinalBattle hashtag was also trending worldwide last night.

As a LIVE communication platform, Twitter was able to capture the unforgettable moments of the #LaLunaSangre. Throughout its 9-month run, supporters of the show created a hashtag for every single episode. With over 180 hashtags, here are the top 3 most talked about episodes of #LaLunaSangre on Twitter:

1. #LaLunaTheFinalBattle

Hours before the finale, fans of La Luna Sangre went on Twitter to express their excitement for tonight’s episode. Many were eager to see how Malia and Tristan would defeat Sandrino while others were excited to hear the answers to questions like who Jacintha truly is and how will the two lovers fulfil the story’s prophecy.

2. #LaLunaSangreBagongMundo and #LaLunaSangreTungkulin

Thousands of fans had commended the series for its fast-paced story; many believe that every night’s episode is worth watching because it is exciting, interesting, and it is not dragging. On its 6th and 7th night, fans got a glimpse of Sandrino and Malia’s training. Much like the rest of the characters, many were eager to see Malia’s on her 21st birthday; this plot excited prompting them to go on Twitter and share their excitement; generating over 1.1 million Tweets, #LaLunaSangreBagongMundo and #LaLunaSangreTungkulin lands the second spot in the most talked about LLS episode list on Twitter.

3. #LaLunaSangreAngSimula

Filipinos welcomed the horror-fantasy drama series in June of 2017 with open arms. KathNiel fans were thrilled to see the love team on screen once again while aficionados of the trilogy were excited to watch how the third chapter of the Lobo trilogy would unfold. Fans weren’t the only ones Tweeting about LLS’s premier night, several local artists also expressed their excitement for the new fantasy series. On its first night, #LaLunaSangreAngSimula generated 775,000 Tweets, making it one of the most Tweeted episodes of the series.

As the show ended, many poured out their emotions on Twitter; KathNiel fans were happy with how the team ended the story of Malia and Tristan however fanatics of La Luna Sangre were still saddened that the story of the two lovers and the world of vampires and werewolves are over. Despite their mixed emotions, everybody commended the team and the actors for their performance and the amount of passion they’ve put into this project.

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