KZ Tandingan to Face a New Challenger in ‘Singer 2018’?

Our very own KZ Tandingan is set to perform in China’s “Singer 2018” for the fourth time this Friday, March 2, 2018.

Rumor has it that a new challenger will replace the contestant who will get eliminated in the upcoming eight episode of the hit reality singing competition. And she’s none other than Kim So Hyun from South Korea!

If ever this is true, let’s take a look on how good this K-Pop singer really is. Will she become a threat to KZ or even Jessie J just in case neither of these two will get the boot on the said episode?

Check this out:

Meanwhile, KZ is becoming more and more popular in China. This video shows how some Chinese people were able to recognize the Filipina singer inside a shopping mall and asked for an autograph and photo op with here:

3 Comments on KZ Tandingan to Face a New Challenger in ‘Singer 2018’?

  1. ahhh correction lng po hindi po si kim so hyun yan si so hyang po yan

  2. sa mga mahilig sa biritan, elbow si KZ, pero kung originality ng version ng songs may laban naman,..
    Gusto ko tuloy hanapin yung mga songs nya,..

  3. Oi, palaban mga iyan. Kz must havesolid strategies. Good luck kz

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