John Now a Suspect in Albert’s Murder in ‘The Good Son’

The investigation on Victor’s (Albert Martinez) death takes an unexpected turn now that his brother Anthony (John Estrada) has been officially named a suspect in his murder in the Kapamilya primetime series “The Good Son.”

The twist in the case emerged after Anthony revealed to the investigators that he and his brother had gotten into an argument hours before Victor died. However, the police’s suspicion on Anthony’s motive to kill his own brother also strengthened after he recounted how he despised his brother growing up for being over-controlling and how he envied Victor’s success.

However, Anthony suddenly disappears as the evidence against him solidifies, which will only boost speculations about his involvement in the crime. Olivia (Eula Valdez), on the other hand, will see this as an opportunity to absolve Calvin (Nash Aguas) from the case and will cull more evidence to prove that Anthony is the real mastermind behind the murder.

Did Anthony really kill his own brother?

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