‘Sin Island’ Now Showing in US and Canada

TFC at the Movies brings a different kind of love story with the latest offering from Star Cinema, “Sin Island,” top billed by Colleen Garcia, Xian Lim, and Nathalie Hart. Daly City son and crowd favorite Lim plays the role of David, husband to Garcia’s Kanika. They are a flawless couple with the ideal marriage, until David’s career goes on a downward spiral, followed by Kanika’s illicit affair.

As their picture-perfect world is shattered, David escapes to Sinilaban Island, where he then meets, and gets involved in a forbidden affair with, Tasha (Hart). Despite their impropriety and transgressions, David and Kanika try to fix their lives, but Tasha refuses to let go.

Although the movie has a mature and passionate theme, the values of love and redemption resonate in the movie. Writer Jancy Nicolas explains that the movie “talks about redeeming love, redeeming a marriage, and fighting for it. More than the sexiness and darkness of its genre, it’s a story of a marriage.”

Both Lim and Garcia have taken the brave leap to more mature roles in this daring and brave movie. Lim shares, “I’m pushing my capabilities as an actor and being able to tackle different roles. People will see me do scenes which are different from what they are used to see me doing in a film.” Garcia also reveals “This is the bravest and hardest film that I’ve done.”

Gino Santos, who is known for his edgy brand of filmmaking, directs “Sin Island”. The movie also stars TJ Trinidad, Lito Pimentel, Ricardo Cepeda, Marina Benipayo, Bernard Palanca, Joyce Burton, Dominic Ochoa, Thou Reyes, Charlie Dizon, McCoy de Leon, Desiree del Valle, and Nikki Valdez.

“Sin Island” screens in theaters across the U.S. and Canada starting February 23. Go to or to for a list of theaters in your area.

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