PH Scores 17 Finalists in 2018 New York Festivals TV and Film Awards

The New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Films recently released its list of finalists for 2018 from over 50 countries around the globe. The prestigious award-giving body will honor the best international works in both television and cinema on April 10 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) gala in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo: New York Festivals

The Philippines got 17 shortlisted entries this year, 16 for television and only one for film. In Southeast Asia, we are second to Singapore (the home of Asian Television Awards) who got the most number of nominations. And as usual, the United States is the front-runner overall with 129 nominations.

Here are the finalists from the Philippines in alphabetical order by category:

1. Art Direction: Promotion/Open & IDs
Colorful Summer
GMA Network, Inc.

2. Best News Anchor
Jessica Soho
GMA Network, Inc.

3. Best Newscast
State of the Nation with Jessica Soho: Marawi Liberation: War is Over
GMA Network, Inc.

4. Best Public Affairs Program
Front Row: Batang Bomba (Bomb Pickers)
GMA Network, Inc.

5. Cinematography
Local Legends: Bandurria
ABS-CBN Corp. and ABS-CBN News Channel

6. Community Portraits
Reporter’s Notebook: Yapak Sa Pusod Ng Dagat (Footsteps on the Seabed)
GMA Network, Inc.

7. Coverage of Continuing News Story
‘Di Ka Pasisiil (Never Shall Be Conquered)

8. Current Affairs
Brigada (The Brigade): Combat Camera Team
GMA Network, Inc.

9. Current Affairs
Mukha: ‘Di Ka Pasisiil (Faces: Never Will Be Conquered)
ABS-CBN Corp. and ABS-CBN News Channel

10. Film Direction
BG Productions International

11. Docudrama
Alaala (Remember): A Martial Law Special
GMA Network, Inc.

12. Graphic Design: Promotion/Open & IDs
EDSA 31st Anniversary Spot
GMA Network, Inc.

13. Health/Medical Information
Reel Time: Hawla (The Untold Story of the Village Monster)
GMA Network, Inc.

14. Human Concerns
I-Witness: Sundalong Aso (Soldiers with Paws)
GMA Network, Inc.

15. Human Concerns
Reel Time: Gutom (Starved)
GMA Network, Inc.

16. International Affairs
I-Witness: Silang Kinalimutan (The Forgotten)
GMA Network, Inc.

17. Station/Image Promotion
“To Love And To Serve”
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation

Last year, the Philippines won 3 Gold medals courtesy of GMA Network and 1 bronze medal courtesy of ABS-CBN. The winning GMA programs last year were “Reporter’s Notebook,” “Front Row” and “Reel Time.”

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