Nash Admits Killing Albert in ‘The Good Son’

The mind games in ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series “The Good Son” are finally over after Calvin (Nash Aguas) finally confessed that he was the one who murdered Victor (Albert Martinez).

In last night’s (February 21) episode, Calvin revealed to his psychiatrist that he put poison in Victor’s wine during a birthday party because of his stepfather’s abusive behavior towards Olivia (Eula Valdez).

Calvin also became more emotional and failed to control his anger while he was talking about how the voices in his head pushed him to commit the crime, showing how his schizophrenia has taken a toll in his life.

With this revelation, Joseph (Joshua Garcia) will make sure Calvin will pay the price for killing his father. But Olivia and Enzo (Jerome Ponce) will come to Calvin’s rescue and save him from getting caught before his condition gets even worse.

What will happen to Calvin now that the truth has been finally exposed?

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