The Disney Princess Syndrome: What Is This All About?

I believe every girl and then woman dreams about meeting a handsome prince riding a white horse. Love from the first sight, long and happy life that lasts till death do you part. However, did you know that such preferences can cause a hell of a trouble? Of course, if you have never met a lady suffering from a Disney princess syndrome, you are surely lucky. Still, you can easily become a victim of another “princess” in case you don’t read this right now. Why these women are dangerous, who are they and what to do if you already date one… Keep on reading.

Who are they?

The main trait of such ladies is an ego as big as an Eiffel tower. She definitely enjoyed Disney movies and fairy-tales in her childhood, but then something went wrong. The fancy unreal book turned into a guide saying how to live, whom to hate and date. Disney princess syndrome is the whole bunch of thinking patterns that skyrocket woman’s ambitions and make her look for a perfect guy who simply does not exist in the real Universe. Therefore, all men who revealed their “imperfections” are dumped or worse, used. From one point of view, this is brilliant. Your self-esteem is constantly flying high, more and more people try to complete the mission impossible. The choice gets wider and wider, so the princess can easily express her wish for that clever or that handsome boy. Dumping the guy her female peers would kill to date is just a little to expect. In her mind, turning you down boosts her more than a fact she is dating such a rich and attractive guy.

Another thing is when it happens subconsciously. Woman dates hundreds of men following russian dating tips, finds something wrong in each, and, finally, suffers from loneliness.

What to do?

If she is just a small fling to you, do not bother to fix her. Just dump her first. You will free yourself from many problems and her brilliant mind will include one more thought like, “Am I really so perfect he dumped me?” Everything changes when you realize that this Disney princess is the love of your life. How to get to a girl, who does not want to leave this high childish tower, but prefers to keep waiting for an unreal man? To cut a long story short, prove that all her dating principles don’t work at all. Try to use the very intimate moments to get to the core of the problem. Maybe, somebody dumped her and being a princess was the only way to get over this. Or her dad was an awful man, so she wants to make a right choice as distinct from her mom.

If the problem is as real as her princess status, try to become a prince in her eyes. Your best armour is charisma and sense of humour. Show her you are special. You are that wanted prince because you are masculine, brave, ready to fight for her happiness. Help her, save her, but still be ready to realize she simply uses you. If you have nothing to lose, go ahead at your own risk.

Finally, nobody wants to be alone. That is why, having chosen the right method of winning you princess’ heart, she will forget about all that fancy stuff and sooner or later will be cured of that disease again. Love cures everything, doesn’t it?

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