Yeng Constantino Debuts Futuristic Video for Comeback Single ‘Pinipigil’

Pop-rock superstar Yeng Constantino is officially back after a four-year hiatus from recording, starting with a brand new electro pop single entitled “Pinipigil” produced under Star Music.

Yeng shares that her new “Pinipigil” track is about the struggle of resisting feelings or falling in love. She said, “it’s either because the person got hurt before or she’s prioritizing present plans rather than letting feelings in.”

The single’s music video is already out and it features Yeng as a refugee alien, who wakes up from slumber and checks out planet Earth if it is viable to live in. But as she zooms in, she sees her leading man, played by Empoy Marquez, and instantly falls in love with him.

Wanting to really change her appearance for the video, the singer herself pitched the concept to Director Paul Alexei Basinillo. She also fell in love with its EDM vibe when KidWolf joined the production.

After the music video premiere on MYX, the song instantly entered the hit charts, and is now placing 4th in the MYX Daily Top 10.

Yeng composed “Pinipigil,” which was mixed and mastered by KidWolf, and produced by Star Music’s audio content head, Jonathan Manalo.

The singer-songwriter shared that she doesn’t necessarily experience what she said in her lyrics, but it’s a product of her endearment to her fans.

She stressed, “I think it’s time to write songs for people who listen to you. Because at the end of the day, their life theme song is what sticks with them.”

Aside from her new single, the pop rock princess is now working on her upcoming album to be launched in March.

Download a copy of the single “Pinipigil,” now available in digital stores. For more details on Yeng’s single, visit, like Star Music on, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram @ StarMusicPH.

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