Jameson Blake Plays a Hazing Victim in ‘Ipaglaban Mo’

Jameson Blake plays the role of a student who gets swayed into joining a fraternity and later on becomes a victim of hazing this Saturday (Jan 27) in ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo.”

Alvin is known to be a hardworking and loving son to his parents. He is determined to finish his studies for his father, who is an OFW, and his brother, who temporarily stopped schooling due to lack of money.

One day, however, he accepts the invitation of the Tau Kappa Alpha Fraternity and joins them, hoping that the group will help him in the future. He manages to complete the tasks given to him at first, until the initiation rites happens. Unfortunately, Alvin didn’t make it alive just as when he was about to become an official member of the fraternity.

How will justice be served for Alvin? Will his fratmates take accountability for his death?

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