Alex Gonzaga Shares 5 Steps on How to Survive a Broken Heart this Christmas

Heartbreak during the holiday season is exponentially more painful than in other seasons. But that doesn’t mean your dejected heart can’t overcome it. Take it from comedian and host Alex Gonzaga. She shows us how to deal with rejection with her honest, candid, and practical advice straight from the heart, and with the help of situations from classic movies.

  1. Cry it out.

According to Alex, the only way to process your crushed feelings are by first allowing yourself to feel and acknowledging that yes, you were rejected. Yes, even if it hurts. In Alex’s words, “Iyak mo lang iyan.”

  1. Pick yourself up.

Once you’re done wallowing and crying, pick yourself up and move on. Be open to meeting new people. According to Alex, “Unahin mo naman ang sarili mo at kung paano ka liligaya.”

  1. Don’t text them.

If you want to move on and be happy, just don’t do it.

  1. Don’t wait for them to change their mind.

Change your lifestyle. Live your life, and find other ways to be happy. Explore new things, and don’t wait for someone else to see your worth. In short, “Huwag mong aantayin na magbago ang isip niya.”

  1. Live your life.

Re-claim your trust in yourself. Accept that change is permanent and things happen for a reason. Remember who you are, reclaim your pride, at “Ibalik mo ang tiwala sa sarili mo,” and things will flow from there.




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