Connect the Way You Want with Smart All Out Surf 30

So you’re still using call and text promos on your mobile? What if I tell you that Smart has a complete usage offer that can let you connect the way you want: call, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger, Skype, Vibr, WeChat, Line, and more!

Sometimes, call and text are not enough. When we like to connect with all of our friends simultaneously, a group chat is the fun and awesome choice. This way, we’ll never get behind from the latest chika and we can express ourselves with quirky emoticons and even short videos.

So why settle for a call and text promo when you can maximize the usage of your Smart prepaid with a complete surfing, calling and texting offer that enables you to connect the way you want, the sky is the limit!

With Smart All Out Surf 30, enjoy 300 MB open access data that allows you to visit any site and access any app. And I’m sure you will love the next two words that I will say: UNLI FACEBOOK! Now you can stay updated by the minute about all the people you know and even the people you admire and the things you love.

But wait, there’s more! The Smart All Out 30 is also powered with Unli-texts to all networks and 30 minute calls to Smart, TNT and Sun. Now that’s what I call complete mobile experience. All these for only P30 and it’s good for 2 days.

To avail this offer, simply text ALLOUT30 to 9999.

For more details about the Smart All Out Surf 30 and other promos, visit

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