Jericho Rosales Teams Up with Erich Gonzales in ‘Siargao’

Jericho Rosales is paired with Erich Gonzales in the upcoming Paul Soriano film titled “Siargao.”

Also in the romantic drama is Jasmine Curtis Smith.

The trailer was released by Paul himself during his birthday celebration yesterday and it features the beauty of Siargao which is being touted as the surfing capital of the Philippines.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Paul said that he wanted to show his appreciation to the tear drop shaped island via the film. “We’re going to make sure also to create an awareness. Working together with the local government is to make sure there’s responsible development, responsible tourism, and proper waste management. Of course it’s a story first but there’s an advocacy. They’re working together with the local government of Siargao who are supporting proper development and waste management.”

Watch the first trailer of the film below:

4 Comments on Jericho Rosales Teams Up with Erich Gonzales in ‘Siargao’

  1. pareho lang sila // October 19, 2017 at 12:52 pm //

    Common denominators:
    -Parehong Born Again Self-Righteous and All-Knowing Sect (emen!)
    -Parehong trying hard magpaka-sosyal (english ng english e puro naman expressions lang ang alam sabihin)
    -Parehong napaglipasan na ng panahon.
    -Parehong laos na.

  2. Tingnan nio ang comment ni choi and flop, yan ang mga taong ewan. Utak at ugali lagapak. A

  3. E2 pala yung movie na may nangyayari kina erich at paul, sabi ng staff na nakakakita nagsasama sila sa isang room

  4. 2 mukha ng hanggang jan na lang (kayo).Kapag nagsama a iisang proyekto = flop.

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