Denise Laurel Talks About How She Bounced Back from Her Cancer Scare

Flipping through her IG, it’s easy to see why Denise Laurel makes a great fitspiration to other women out there. The actress and celebrity mom looks great and she never seems to run out of energy. One day, she’s working out. Next day, she’s working on her scenes. Then, you’ll see her playing with her son and then, the week after, she’ll be boxing. And she makes sure to always give her 100%. Saw that video of her boxing? She says she’s rusty but we wouldn’t want to jump in the ring with her as she’s definitely not pulling any punches!

But keeping fit is not just for looking good or even for the roles that she plays. It’s for the people she loves. She takes care of her body and her health so she can live longer and spend more time with her son, Alejandro. Her focus on health came about when she had a cancer scare last year. It was a wakeup call for her. “At that very moment, I wasn’t afraid—of being sick, having cancer, even dying. I immediately brought my attention to my son and his future. And what am I to leave behind for him. Who’s going to take care of him if something happens to me?”

It was then that Denise realized a much greater and urgent need to take care of herself so she could continue looking after Alejandro. Now, she makes sure that securing her health is the top priority. Sure, she may be working out to look her best for showbiz but that’s not the only reason anymore. She realized that she also needs to look after herself and her health so she would be able to take care of her loved ones. During her cancer scare, all she could think of is who will take care of Alejandro?

That’s also why Denise went the extra mile to make sure that she’s financially protected for any uncertainties in the future. Her cancer scare made her think about what goes beyond leading a healthy lifestyle—securing her health for her son. That’s when the idea of getting an insurance came in.

“To be honest, until this happened to me, I just found insurance so complicated. The moment I hear insurance, it’s all numbers, death, and taxes. It was just all a part of that thing that you don’t want to think about at the moment. But then when I had the cancer scare, it made sense all of a sudden,” she notes. “It makes you feel secure, because you’ll always have something to look after you.”

According to Denise, insurance don’t have to be scary. “There are plans like FWD Set for Health that is very comprehensive. It protects you until you’re 75 years old and if you don’t use it by the time you’re 75, it’s like savings. They give you back your money and you can use it for retirement.”

Being a fitspiration should not end with you simply aiming to be the best version of yourself in front of the mirror. More importantly, being the right kind of fit means having the right mindset to prepare and protect your future, so you can enjoy the present with your loved ones and live without fear or hesitation.

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