Enjoy Unli-Data for YouTube for as Low as P10 with #SmartVideoTimeout

I love watching trending videos on YouTube during my break time. These most-watched videos in the country are what everyone is talking about daily in schools, offices, barber shops, parlors, etc. If you don’t know what’s hot, you’re not “in.” That’s why everyday I click on the “trending” tab (the one with the fire icon) for quick entertainment and self-update on current happenings as well.

While checking YouTube’s Top 50 viral videos for today, I got stoked after seeing my video about the Star Magic Ball landed at no. 3 (it actually peaked at no. 2 this morning)! This is what netizens are talking about yesterday aside from Xander Ford’s revelation of his new face post-surgery. Some other videos that I watched from today’s YouTube Trending page are Alisah Bonaobra’s latest performance on “The X Factor UK,” “Miss Millennial Philippines” Grand Coronation, Morissette Amon’s highly-acclaimed performances in Asia Song Festival 2017 and “Bolt of Talent,” and the latest celebrity news. These are the stuff that I usually post on my blog as well that’s why I need to get updated daily with the buzz in the showbiz industry.

And speaking of YouTube, did you know that Smart recently launched its latest Unli-Data offer for prepaid subscribers called the Video Timeout 10? This is perfect for YouTube streaming during your “me” time. By availing this offer, you’ll get Unli-Data for YouTube streaming (in SD quality) for only P10, good for one hour. This offer is flexible because you can pause and play your usage as needed throughout the day within 24 hours from subscription. Simply text VIDEO10 to 9999 and make your break time an enjoyable YouTube time!

For more details about this promo and for other syntax as well (like “VIDEO25”), visit

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