iWant TV Launches ‘Umbra,’ the Country’s First Original Horror Animation Series

Horror story buffs and believers of the supernatural will see their favorite legends come alive in “Umbra,” the country’s first original horror animation series produced by ABS-CBN’s iWant TV.

“UMBRA: Anino sa Dilim” is a new original series that re-tells age-old stories of encounters with the supernatural handed down from generations of Filipinos. Every episode brings a different myth to life, tackling both traditional folklore and modern urban legends, or “sabi-sabi.” Viewers will enjoy the retelling of the stories Filipinos everywhere grew up hearing.

The first episode deals with the myth of the White Lady from Mindoro known as “Lugay,” for her waist-length white hair. The famous legend is known throughout the province, with firsthand accounts of encounters with this supernatural being.

In fact, “Umbra” director Ruel Ascuncion said the story is based on real experiences. “Many locals from our province Naujan, Mindoro have experiences with “Lugay”, and this story tells my Uncle’s own experience with this,” he said. As the story goes, a man rides through a cemetery, only to suddenly find a white lady or “Lugay” chasing him and eventually hitching a ride on his motorcycle. The faster he goes, the harder the “Lugay” holds on.

The series is the first of its kind on iWant TV, as animators and storytellers collaborate to bring the stories to life in the digital sphere. Soon, fans of the series will be able to download the UMBRA app which will allow users to “experience” the monsters through augmented reality gaming, creating a truly immersive digital content experience. The web series is just the beginning of a slew of immersive content experiences from ABS-CBN’s digital properties that marry technology with creative storytelling from the country’s number one entertainment company.

”UMBRA” will air new episodes every Tuesday starting August 8 on iWant TV, with the first available for free. iWant TV originals are available to ABS-CBN, Smart, Sun, Talk n’ Text, and PLDT subscribers and can be accessed on The episodes are best viewed with earphones on for the full, thrilling experience.

As ABS-CBN rapidly transitions into the digital space, the company leads all media networks in bringing its content online to address the change in Filipino viewing habits. Aside from radio and television, ABS-CBN has also become the leader in the local music, film, cable TV, and publishing industries and is also the pioneer of digital television in the country.

iWant TV is ABS-CBN’s over-the-top content platform exclusively available in the Philippines. It gives Kapamilya fans access to their favorite shows online, wherever they go at any time they want. Users can keep up with Kapamilya teleseryes, shows, actors, and have access to exclusive content. With iWant TV’s vast library of video on demand, ABS-CBN stays true to its commitment to provide quality entertainment to Filipinos, whenever and wherever they want it.

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  1. Sumuka ako ng dugo nung napanood ko yung Lugay. Hindi ko na tinapos. Substandard. Walang kuwenta.

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