The Joys of Having a Partner in Life

If you have been in a relationship for a while now, you probably can relate to the ups and downs of relationships. Relationships can be fun but more often than not, it is nurturing and amazing.

If you don’t realize it now, look at some of the few things why it is amazing to have a life partner.

• You have an instant best friend – someone you can turn to in times of need and in your glorious hours. You share your troubles and success and that’s one of the most beautiful thing a couple can share.
• You have a sense of purpose – not that you didn’t have it when you were single, but seriously—it makes you feel like you are needed, important and loved by an individual who is not your parents or siblings right?
• You share your life with them – everything that you are, everything that you have—you share with them. Your emotions, deepest secrets and intimacy are for them and that’s something really special.

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