Altitude.7 – ‘Di Mo Lang Alam’ Music Video

Check out the official music video for Altitude.7’s debut single titled “Di Mo Lang Alam.”

Altitude.7 became a group when Richmond (drummer) and Kevin (vocalist) decided to form an all-male band two years ago; although they did not perform at events together they made sure to have time for this special project.
There were line-up changes but through the members’ strong determination, the band is now made up of members Richmond, Ranyle, Kevin, Alex, and Mark.

The group also landed a spot in the Top 10 finalists in ALDUB Song Writing Contest.

The band is all OPM, the sound, the words, the look. Altitude.7 writes mainly ballads with a slow-rock twist – you can almost feel the pain and feels when you listen to their first single “Di Mo Lang Alam”.

The band is now on their promo tour which includes Campus Tours, Bar Tours, and Mall Tours to promote their current album with their carrier single entitled, “Di Mo Lang Alam”.

The single is currently available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer; distributed by Warner Music Philippines.

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