‘La Luna Sangre’ Boasts of an All-Star Cast

ABS-CBN gathers a glittering ensemble of some of the biggest names in Philippine showbusiness as it brings together the undisputed number one loveteam in the country, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla with Box Office Royalty Angel Locsin, and award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz, plus newest Kapamilya Richard Gutierrez, in the much-awaited epic saga “La Luna Sangre” airing outside the Philippines via TFC IPTV and ( streaming simulcast its ABS-CBN airing on June 19 .

The series, the conclusion to ABS-CBN’s Moonstone trilogy with “Lobo” beginning the saga and “Imortal” continuing the trilogy, is directed by box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina.  This marks the return to television of Bernardo and Padilla’s loveteam, popularly known to fans as “KathNiel”, after their successful series “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” and their box-office movies “Barcelona: A Love Untold” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” — which paved the way for them to be labeled the “P1 billion love team”.

In “Lobo,” Locsin played Lyka, the wolf tribe’s last guardian (Huling Tagabantay) who falls in love with the mortal Noah (played by Piolo Pascual).  “Imortal” follows their daughter half-wolf, half-human Lia who, like her mother Lyka, also falls in love with someone from a different kind in the form of Matteo (Cruz), the vampires’ chosen one.  In the iconic series “Lobo” Locsin earned her first Emmy nomination.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the special participation of Locsin and Cruz, who will open the epic story and reprise their well-loved characters Lia and Mateo.

The series revolves around the prophecy called “La Luna Sangre,” which says that the child of the most powerful vampire and the chosen wolf will end the evilness of the vampire imprinted within the cursed ink.

Already living their simple lives as mortals, Mateo (Cruz) and Lia (Locsin) are unaware that the said prophecy will haunt them. They get the surprise of their lives when Sandrino suddenly comes to kill them and their daughter Malia, who is believed to be the chosen one. Mateo and Lia will do everything they can to protect Malia, even if they have already lost their powers. But in the end, evil prevails and Malia is left an orphan under the care of other vampires and werewolves.

With the hope that Malia will save the vampires and werewolves from great peril, they protect and train her. However, Malia fails to show her powers that could prove she is the chosen one, right when she is expected to show them at 21 years old.

Out of shame, Malia chooses to leave her responsibility and bravely faces the world of mortals. There she meets Tristan, a young man who is hunting the vampire who killed his father.

As their bond grows closer, will Malia be the key to the justice Tristan yearns for? Will Malia return to the world she left behind and embrace again her destiny to end Sandrino’s life? How will the prophecy affect the budding romance between Malia and Tristan?

Meantime, making his debut in an ABS-CBN teleserye is the newest Kapamilya actor, Richard Gutierrez, who plays the role of Sandrino, the king of the vampires who will stand in the way of Malia (Bernardo) and Tristan (Padilla).

La Luna Sangre” is produced by Star Creatives, the production group behind successful series “Got to Believe,” “Pangako Sa Yo,” “Forevermore,” “Dolce Amore,” “Pusong Ligaw,” and “A Love to Last.”

Find out what is written for the lives of Malia and Tristan in “La Luna Sangre,” airing outside the Philippines via TFC, while the pilot episode will be streaming simulcast its ABS-CBN airing via TFC online ( on June 19, in key countries worldwide. Catch-up episodes will be available via TFC online ( and TFC IPTV, also in key countries worldwide.

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