Undercover Judge is Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5’s Biggest Twist

Last week, Clara Tan of Indonesia and Cindy Chen of Taiwan hit bottom two based from their scores in the “Defying Gravity” photoshoot. Cindy got the lowest score and she’s supposed to get eliminated but the judges gave her a second chance.

However, before the episode ended, host Cindy Bishop revealed the biggest twist of the season. She introduced a new contestant named Xiao Qing to compete with the final 5 from there on. They all flew to Malaysia for the remaining challenges and photoshoots.

The remaining 5 models were baffled with the addition of Qing and some of them felt that it’s quite unfair. But what they don’t know is that the new contestant is actually an undercover judge who not just observe their every move but also lift the competitive spirit among them.

Watch the highlights of this major twist below:

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