WATCH: Top 12 Pinays in ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ from Cycles 1 to 5 Ranked by Performance

Filipinas are not only dominating the pageant world but the glamorous modelling industry as well. This statement serves true in the regional reality modelling competition “Asia’s Next Top Model” which airs across the Asian continent via Star World. From cycle 1 to cycle 5, contestants from the Philippines showcased their skills in the genre by delivering beautiful photos and killing it on the runway.

The first three seasons of the show, a Filipina placed second overall courtesy of Stephanie Retuya, Jodilly Prende and Monika Sta Maria, respectively. And during the 2nd and 3rd cycles, netizens believed our delegates were robbed of the title because of their overall stellar performance for the whole season (Jodilly in season 2 and Monika in cycle 3).

In season 4, Julian Flores missed the finale by a slim margin. And in the ongoing season 5, the show’s loyal viewers believe that the Philippine delegate Maureen Wroblewitz is more than just a pretty face because she can deliver beautiful “high fashion” photographs despite being the most inexperienced among the bunch.

We ranked the 12 Filipinas who joined Asia’s Next Top Model from cycle 1 to 5 according to performance and in reversed order, they are:

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