PH Bet Maureen Bullied in ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ But Wins this Week’s Photoshoot

The last Filipina standing in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5–Maureen Wroblewitz–was bullied by other contestants during the show’s 8th episode which aired Wednesday night, May 24, 2017. However during the judges’ deliberation, she was declared this week’s winner!

“The Girl Who Needs To Grow Up” – this is the title of the show’s eight episode which pertains to Indonesia’s Clara Tan, the one who spearheaded the bullying.

Before the photoshoot at the model house, she went to Maureen and told her she does not deserve to be in the final 6 because she has no skills. Clara even revealed in front of the camera: “we made a plan to tell Maureen that she’s wrong.”

“I want to compete with strong models, you only have pretty face but no skills,” she told Maureen.

Malaysia’s Shikin Gomez supported the plan by saying: “I agree that you have a lot to learn, I’m actually pretty despised that you’ve gotten this far.”

Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen fired her own bullet by saying: “For me stronger models have left and I think it’s unfair.”

After the photoshoot, Maureen delivered the best photograph among the six. Here’s what the judges thought of Maureen’s performance during deliberation:

Hong Kong Top male model Dominic Lau said “That’s awesome! Instantly I was taken by your facial expression. That right there screams passion and domination. I’m taken by it, job well done!”

Model mentor Cara G. McIlroy said “Ooh Lala Maureen this is an awesome side to you. You looked so grown up and sexy and confident, I absolutely love it!”

Photographer Yu Tsai said “I was so impressed by you. Your face can glaze your focus, at one point I didn’t say anything. I shut up. You have what it takes to be an amazing, amazing model.”

Watch the highlights of Maureen’s performance below:

Photo credit: Asia’s Next Top Model Facebook Page

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