Kris Aquino Conquers Social Media with Online Show #TheKrisList

Last Sunday, May 14, the whole country celebrated and observed Mother’s Day, hence the jam-packed restaurants and malls. And it’s also the day when one of the Philippines’ most popular moms (if not the most)–Kris Aquino–launched her online show #TheKrisList.

The Kris List is a series of web videos which runs for about 3 to 5 minutes each, and it features one item from the Queen of All Media’s list of new experiences per episode.

At around 7:00am Sunday morning, Kris unleashed the first webisode of her online show. She started the show with a clever question: “What’s next for me?” We all know that at the span of her career, Kris already conquered television, the big screen, newspapers, magazines, and books. This year, she goes digital to conquer the one thing that would complete and strengthen her title “Queen of All Media”–social media. And she’s doing one heck of a job, I must say.

In the first webisode, Kris learns the visual art of writing which is calligraphy. Here she meets Alessa Lanot of, a water color calligraphy teacher. I loved the way Kris relates her calligraphy lessons to life situations and makes “hugot” from them.
“If you want something to turn out beautiful, you have to give it time, you have to have patience, and you have to go with the flow of the strokes” she said. She also learned the meaning of her name “Kristina” which is someone who is a believer and someone with a strong faith.

In the second webisode, Kris grants Bimby’s personal wish which is camping. The mother and son spent an afternoon of quality time together by pitching their own tent, flying a kite, fishing, cooking, and making a camp fire near the lake at sundown. “For me what really matters is family, and family is the time you give the ones you love,” the Queen of All Media shares. Camping may be a simple yet challenging task but for Kris, when it’s about his sons, everything is worth it.

In the third webisode, world-renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio teaches Kris how to cook an authentic Bicolano Laing. For Kris, Avel is not just an award-winning designer but a Laing expert, connoisseur, and the best creator. Since not all laings are the same, Kris sought Avel’s help to learn how to cook the best version of this favorite dish of hers. In the process, Kris discovered that what seems to be a simple dish actually has many layers. “This afternoon taught me that it’s important to take your time. And while cooking laing, I realized, there is merit in doing things step by step, one at a time, and patiently waiting for all of it to come together,” she said.

Kris Aquino serves her purpose for being tagged as the “Queen of All Media” by sharing practical lifestyle tips online and derives an applicable life lessons from them. The show is quite engaging, entertaining and educational and I couldn’t wait for the next webisodes to air!

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